MAFEX participated in the Training Modules launched by the SmartCTClusters consortia and hosted by the partner Torino Wireless in the context of the European ClusterXchange Program.

The objective of the ClusterXchange program is to encourage and facilitate transnational, cross-regional and cross-sectoral cooperation between clusters and their members to boost their learning and innovation-oriented activities with the view to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs.

This event, held online, consisted in six half-day sessions in a period of three weeks (starting on the 27th of November 2020 and finalizing on the 18th of December 2020). The objective was to contribute to clusters capacity-building, exchange experiences and generate new potential collaborations between participating clusters. It took place with the participation of 25 European clusters and organizations from 9 different countries (Italy, Spain, Ireland, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria and France).

“It was an interesting training program.  It gave the chance to think about strategic points about the clusters organizations and their management. It was a good opportunity to share ideas and to learn from different clusters and ecosystems”

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