We would like to inform you that today it has been made the very difficult decision to postpone the Rail Live! event that was to have been held 31 March – 2 April at IFEMA, Madrid. This means Railactivation brunch must be postponed as well.

After carefully reviewing the situation, and many discussions between Terrapinn and MAFEX, we believe that we reached the point where it would be, in effect, impossible to deliver the event in anything like a recognisable form. We believe that this action is now the only responsible decision as organisers, and in light of the recommendations from the Health and Public Administration Authorities in Spain.

We are working closely with IFEMA on alternate dates in the latter part of the year. We are of course aware that in any normal year we wouldn’t do this. But I think for all of us this is not going to be a normal year. We will be working with you to ensure we do all we can in these extraordinary circumstances to deliver the value you’d planned on in this calendar year.

We firmly believe that this is very clearly in the best interests of us all.

We will be sending out more details shortly, please contact us with any questions.

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