The main objective of RailActivation project is to create and piloting a business and organisational scheme for the uptake of Workplace Innovation by SMEs from the railway sector using open innovation approaches.

In order to address this objective, and considering that the Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in reaching the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy, the specific objectives of the project are the followings:

Objetc tools

Look at existing tools, identify and exchange best practices.

Object Suggest

Suggest a new pilot scheme, including context based, long term mechanisms to support the uptake of Workplace Innovation by the SMEs of the sector.

Object Pilot

Test Pilot Schemes. A new pilot scheme for railway industry will be tested in about 20 SMEs.

Object creation

Support the creation of an Interregional network for the railway sector and recommendations for action. RailActivation already involves a consortium that represent a dynamic network of cluster members MAFEX, BTS and DITECFER and RTOs (Research and Technology Organisations).

Object Rail

Raising awareness and dissemination of the need for Workplace Innovation as part of the RailActivation project dissemination and exploitation strategy.