The project called RAILACTIVATION is part of the H2020 call and its main objective is to create and pilot a business and organizational scheme for the adoption of innovation strategies in the workplace of SMEs, using the Open Innovation approach.

The future of our economy and society is closely related to a techno-social organization model that is aligned with the needs that arise from the data flow; compiling these through devices, sensors, ecosystems, infrastructure and connections of all kinds. The success in the new industrial revolution by the use of the best available technologies by the railway industry, with special emphasis on the human factor.

The future of our economy and society is closely linked to a model of techno-social organisation that is in tune with the needs that arise from data flows; gathering these via devices, ecosystems, infrastructures and connections of all types. The success of the new industrial revolution entails the use of the best technology available to the railway industry, placing special onus on the human factor.

With this objective, the RailActivation project will work on the development of new mechanisms and tools based on open innovation strategies that will support the transformation of the railway industry from the inside out. Open innovation is a paradigm that assumes that companies can benefit from external ideas / technologies (Outside-In) and value internal ideas / technologies with external partners (Inside-Out) to reduce the financial risks associated with innovation and quickly obtain a competitive advantage. Open innovation implies accelerating internal R&D and innovation along value chains through collaboration between technological supply and demand within networking and multiple collaboration ecosystems.

The initiative involves changes for the company, in the business structure, human resources management, relationships with customers and suppliers, even in the work environment itself. At the same time, it means an improvement in daily working conditions that lead to better productivity and business, thereby improving the competitiveness of companies.

RailActivation is a project coordinated by MAFEX, with a European consortium composed by the Tecnalia Technology Center, the Italian Ditecfer Cluster, BTS German Cluster and QUINN Technology Center. The project execution begins on September 1st, 2019, with a duration of 24 months and where approximately 20 SMEs at European level will benefit from the initiative.

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