You can download bellow the documents containing the results and management of the project:

Project management plan (download here)

It is the first step to achieve the main objective of RailActivation, creating the basis the innovation support to SMEs. The project management will ensure the achievement of the project objectives within the time- schedule and budget constraints, by planning, organizing and controlling the integrated effort of the consortium involved in the project. This will be a continuous task through the project.

SMEs best practices Survey report (download here)

This report presents and analyses the results of the information gathered from the European Railway sector workers. This report is obtained by means of a questionnaire, and it includes information which summarises statistics of the gathered answers.

It is the first step to achieve one of the objectives of RailActivation, creating the basis the innovation support to SMEs. In this document gathered information about the existing tools for WI is described and analysed, what will allow to identify, suggest and exchange best practices.

The survey report was developed as a result of sequence of actions, which include: survey development, sample selection and survey administration, and data analysis. This report covers a wide range of public opinions on EU railway sector WI

Community of Practice selection (download here)

This report presents the concept of Interregional Community of Practice (ICoP), RailActivation approach to build interregional Communities of Practice (ICoP), particularities of their functioning and sets the framework of their description.

Comprehensive Interregional Community of Practice is contributing to the main objective of RailActivation Project, which consists of the creation and piloting a rail business and organisational mechanisms for the uptake of Workplace Innovation by SMEs from the railway sector as part of an Open Innovation Ecosystem. Therefore, it is aimed to generate an environment where creative ideas flourish, not just in R&D but throughout the organization, at every level.

In summary, the ICoPs main strategy consist building networking into the culture sparks communication across the silos and encourages and inspires new ideas, with the right cultural mindsets in place.

Communication and Dissemination Plan (download here)

To ensure the implementation of the dissemination and communication strategy, the project consortium has identified several targets audiences’ groups, and selected multiple communication actions, channels and tools. Within this structure, the consortium has established concrete dissemination actions.

Overall, the plan develops a centralized approach to coordinate different sources, contacts and partners networks to make sure that both internal and external audience get the appropriate messages of RailActivation, therefore creating synergies in all communication efforts. This approach includes actions e.g. create project branding identity, communication materials, website, social media accounts etc. At the same time, it also provides flexibility and decentralization, allowing each partner to take their own onus to lead the communication in their networks. It also encourages collaboration with other similar EU initiatives and projects.